Rugged, durable and well built, the 2018 Toyota 4Runner is an SUV that was designed with off-road capabilities in mind. It may be a perfectly nice vehicle when it comes to day in and day out travel. But, back roads, off-road and traversing terrain that a driver would never consider with another SUV, is really where this utility vehicle shines.


A robust 4.0-liter V-6 packs plenty of punch to reach 270 horsepower. Rear-drive comes standard across the lineup, while four-wheel drive is an option on a couple of models. The seventeen city and twenty-one highway mpg is to be expected from a sport utility vehicle that is geared toward its off-road capabilities more than its efficiency in rush hour traffic.


2018 4runnerThis Toyota was purposely and specifically built to go places other vehicles wouldn’t dare, and that specification is emphasized by almost every design decision on the inside and outside of the SUV.

There is cargo space galore, with an optional and removable third row of seats. The second row folds down, and even has an optional sliding deck that will come in handy during off-road excursions. The Toyota 4Runner is no slouch when it comes to payload, either. When fully equipped, it can pull around five thousand pounds.

Other features include a touchscreen infotainment system, and power seats. Including interiors that are easy to clean, and resistant to any mud and dirt that will make its way inside. Bluetooth capability and keyless entry also come standard across the full lineup of 2018 4Runners.


2018 4runnerWith four out of five stars from the NHTSA for overall crashworthiness, the 4Runner has shown that it is sturdy and dependable. Every vehicle in this Toyota lineup comes standard with a full-sized spare tire, front and side airbags, and backup camera. Front and rear parking sensors are optional.

For the driver whose focus is on exploring the outdoors and who needs a vehicle to match their enthusiasm, the 4Runner is a no-brainer. Off-road driving comes to mind with this design. It does that thing exceptionally well, and arguably better than almost any other SUV in its class. Check out our best of 2018 Toyota reviews here.