Electric cars almost became a ‘thing’ in the 90s, but they lacked the power, reliability, and finesse to stand up to their internal-combustion cousins. However, technology advancements have worked in their favor, and they are now back with a bang. The market is now brimming with an ever-widening range of electric cars, some that even outperform most performance-based traditional models.

Electric cars are also very popular with environmentally-aware individuals because of their zero-emission ratings. We looked at a broad list of the best electric cars available and narrowed it down to the five that will give you the longest range and best bang for the buck.


2018 Tesla STesla’s S model is undoubtedly one of the sleekest, safest, and most spacious vehicles ever mass manufactured. The S is so good that high-end conventional brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, are trying to catch up. It comes with a 90-kWh battery that delivers about 312 miles and a serious lick of speed. It features a wicked infotainment/tech package and enough superlatives to convince even diehard motorheads to switch from pump to plug.


Chevrolet-BoltThe Chevy Bolt’s most significant selling point is that it is meant to be an actual car and not a revolution. It employs a 60-kWh battery to return about 238 miles on a full charge. These are Tesla-like figures offered with less than half the price tag. The Bolt is also not too far behind on the tech front. Its roomy interior and commendable list of standard safety equipment make it one of the best buys on the electric car market.

2018 BMW i3

BMW-i3BMW’s designers did not play safe with the i3’s styling. It was built from the ground up not only to make a statement but to open a leeway into unexplored car-design territories. Its lightweight carbon-fiber/aluminum construction and reliable 35.8-kWh battery enable it to make a claimed 195-mile run on a single charge. BMW blends nippy performance with a quality build and a creatively-designed interior to redefine the small car genre.


2018 Volkswagen eGolfThe e-Golf enjoys the perks that come with being an electric version of a perennial favorite. It offers the legendary VW build quality, various levels of regenerative braking, an elegant interior, and a reasonable price. It uses a 35.8-kWh battery to travel more than 125 miles on all-electric energy. A myriad of standard tech and comfort features makes it a great all-around EV. It has a hatchback body, and under the hood comes an 134 horsepower electric motor. It’s faster than its predecessor, too. Available trims include the SE, Limited Edition, and the SEL Premium. The best thing about this vehicle is that it drives just like the regular golf models. And, if you’re interested, this model is available in the color peacock green metallic. However, the release date for this model hasn’t been released yet.


2017-hyundai-ioniq-electricThe EV variant of the Ioniq provides enough range and pace to satisfy most drivers. Hyundai claims a 175-mile range for it although some users recorded 124 miles on a fully charged battery. Nevertheless, that still earns it a place as one of the best electric cars on the planet. It sets itself apart from other regular-looking electric vehicles with a decent feature set and commendable driving dynamics. Its selling point, however, is its low pricing as compared to other electric vehicles.

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