Toyota has always been a forerunner in the automobile industry when it comes to innovation in energy efficient vehicles. They have a strong, extensive lineup of hybrid vehicles that spans several classes and offers many levels of power and performance. They are even at the forefront of developing other alternative energy-powered vehicles, further diversifying their strong lineup. To make sense and compare all of Toyota’s hybrid cars, here is a quick guide.


2018-Toyota-Camry-HybridThe Camry is a popular choice for mid-sized sedans, and the hybrid car version combines the modern style of the Camry with energy efficiency. The Camry hybrid features Toyota’s new Dynamic Force Engine that gives the vehicle a powerful engine that shifts smoothly and offers maximum fuel efficiency. The Camry’s fuel efficiency tops out at an average of 53 mpg while the 650 V electric motor produces 118 horsepower and 149 lb-ft of torque. The combined hybrid power output results in 208 horsepower. Check out our review of the regular 2018 Toyota Camry here.


toyota-avalon-hybridToyota’s full-sized sedan, the Avalon, is also available in a hybrid car version. The 2.5L, 4-cylinder engine produces 200 combined horsepower while offering up to 40 mpg. The Avalon is also classified as a SULEV, or Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle. The Avalon’s sleek, classy, and unique style and features are not compromised in the hybrid version.┬áCheck out our review of the regular 2018 Toyota Avalon here.


For those who prefer the size, versatility, and style of an SUV there is a hybrid version of Toyota’s most popular small SUV. The RAV4 offers the comfort and space of the gas version with the fuel efficiency of a hybrid. It gets 32 mpg from the 2.5L, 4-cylinder ECVT engine that produces 194 combined horsepower. The RAV4 hybrid is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast who cares about the environment.


Large family SUV’s are beginning to show up on the hybrid market, and Toyota offers their Highlander in a powerful hybrid version. Perfect for those who have children to get around or have lots of friends to take places, the base model Highlander gets an estimated 30 mpg city as well as 28 mpg highway from the 3.5L V6 engine. The 306 net horsepower is sufficient output for a large SUV. The Highlander is unique in that it has two different electric motors. It has one in front and one in back, that each control the front and back wheels. Check out our review of the regular 2018 Toyota Highlander here.

2018 PRIUS

2018 priusThe Prius is Toyota’s flagship and original hybrid car, and its popularity has allowed Toyota to expand on the model’s lineup. The classic Prius gets an estimated 52 mpg in its base model while producing a modest but sufficient 95 horsepower. Toyota offers the Prius in several different styles. The Prius c is a compact, 4-door hatchback that gets 99 combined hybrid horsepower while getting a estimated 46 mpg in the base model. The Prius v offers Prius energy efficiency with the cargo space of a small SUV. The 134 horsepower engine offers enough power to haul cargo and people effortlessly.

In 2017, the Prius Prime was offered for the first time. It is Toyota’s first hybrid vehicle that can also be plugged in and charged. On a full charge without using gas, the Prime can go an estimated 133 miles. The hybrid engine using the combination of gas and electricity gets an estimated 54 mpg combined. The Prime is a good option for those wanting an energy efficient vehicle. Especially in the mid-sized sedan category that would appreciate the versatility of how the car is powered. Being able to choose whether to use just the electric power or keep the battery charged with gas gives the consumer ultimate control over their vehicle’s energy use.

2017 MIRAI

2017_toyota_miraiThe popularity of having a totally electric car is growing, but Toyota’s forward thinking led them to release a vehicle that went a different route. The 2017 Mirai is a sedan powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. With the hydrogen fuel tanks at full, the Mirai can travel 312 miles. And, the only byproduct of the car is water instead of exhaust. The contemporary styling and inclusion of some of Toyota’s best safety technology makes the Mirai a unique choice in the environmentally friendly vehicle market.

Hybrid cars are quickly becoming the go-to choice for energy efficient and environmentally safe vehicles. The fully electric car market is also expanding, giving consumers plenty of options. Toyota’s doing its best to offer one of the most extensive lineups of different hybrid cars. All while stepping into the future by having one of the only hydrogen-powered cars on the market. Toyota’s commitment to improving the driving habits of consumers to help prevent pollution, while offering a plethora of options makes them a leader in alternative energy vehicles.

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